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Ventnor Memory Park has selected the classically timeless styling of Madison Memorial Benches for 8 benches, each six feet long, which will encircle the splash pad. The core mission of VMP is to be environmentally sensitive ... the "green" mission of the park is underscored by this commercial supplier's use of extruded lumber, so no harvesting from tropical rainforests. Madison Memorial Benches afford ease of upkeep, avoid problems of tarnish, pitting and loosened screws common to metal plaques mounted on hardwood, and allow ample space to inscribe meaningful commemorative lasered onto the four back planks. Donors can better express thoughts with 40 characters on the larger font top plank, and 50 characters on each of the lower three planks comprising the back of the bench.


Minimum bid of $3000. Deadline for submission: Labor Day weekend. At that time, successful bidders will be notified, asked to submit checks, and a final order can be placed for engraved slats. 

PLEASE DO NOT SEND CHECKS; but in Silent Auction Email , DO provide name, email, address, and cell phone number. Minimum Bid of $3,000 TO RESERVE A BENCH for the plaza around the SPLASH PAD


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